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From the Ground, Up

36x36 oil

Delicate Cracks

10x10 oil

Beautiful Passages

30x24 oil

Bringing Light

30x30 oil

Master of the Stars

72x60" oil commission

Sold: Gardening Tips

20x10" oil



Three Times the Fun

30x30" oil

Kokaubeam King

72x48" oil


12x12" oil

Light & Fragile

48x72 oil/panel

Garden Bound

20x20 oil


5x5" oil

Sold: Wild Bonds

48x72 oil/panel

Stacked Beauty

12x12" oil

3 Ladies

12x12 oil

Sold: Whispering Water

48x24 oil/panel

Knight Skies

42x60 oil Western Art Collector

Dreaming Fuchsia

12x12 oil

Sold: Garden Gypsies

24x24" oil

Amicable Space

20x50" oil

Nature Clouded

36x26 oil


48x60 oil


12x12" oil

Four Seasons

46x46" oil Sold

Three Kings

30x30 oil

Sold:1 Ticket
Caught Bathing

16x12 oil


20x20" oil

Graceful Garden

12x12" oil

Sky Lights

36" oil

Broadtail ii

21x7" oil

The Green Canopy

40x30 oil

Rock Stars

20x30" oil

SOLD: Connecting Place

36x72" oil


46x46" oil

Wings & Roundabouts

60x42 oil

Blue Ground

30x40 oil

Beauty on the Move

42x42 oil/panel

Thirst & Deliverence

12x12 oil

Purple Throat Abroad
Moon and Plains

12x30 oil Commission

Circus Act

48x48" oil

1 PIllar Standing

20x10 oil

Purple Throat Abroad
Sciathan Pillar

16x12" oil

Conversations in Red

24x24 oil

Healing Wings

48x48 oil/panel commission

Cardinal at Rest

24x24 oil

Aerobatics, Dreams & a Yellow Submarine

45" circle


20x20" oil

Leading Those in Waiting

24x24" oil

Calm in the Storm

30x20" oil/panel

Wind Quartet

42x42" oil SOLD

Dance Among Blossoms

20x20" oil

Portal Greeters

24x48" oil Commission, Meyer Gallery, Park City.

SOLD: Brilliance & Fire

20x30" oil/panel Featured Artist, Auction Piece 2020

Friendship Circles

42x60 oil

Connecting Place

36x72" oil

Bright & Bold

20x16 oil Art & Soup, 2020

Wapiti Skies

30x40" oil

Citrus Burst

40x30" oil SOLD

Three Tiny Tenors

20x30" oil

Connected to Nature

36x36" oil

Little Pioneers

30x30" oil SOLD

Frequent Flyer Miles

55x30" oil


13x24" oil

Wild Rufous

12x12" oil

Standing Tall

48x72" oil

Bison Skies

21x7" oil SOLD

Mountain Flyer

21x7" oil

Three Sopranos

21x7" oil

Above the Brambles of Life

36x36" oil SOLD Spiritual Religious Show, 2015 Springville Museum of Art

Garden Player

20x16" oil

Hello Handsome

36x36" oil

In the Garden

12x24" oil SOLD, 2014

Sainted Bird ii

16x16 oil 2015


28x28" arch, oil

Fire Sky, 2015

36x48" oil 2015

Layered History

54x36 oil 2019

SOLD: In The Beginning

36" oil SOLD

SOLD: Secret Meeting

31x24" oil

Steppin' Off Grid

48x48" oil


24x24" oil

Where Glacier Meets the Skies

46x46" oil

Joyful Reunion

48x36 oil, 2016

Divine Dancer

21x7" oil

Ramblin' Island

40x30" oil SOLD

Western Bouncers

24x18" oil

Industrial Nature

24x24" oil

#saintedbirds study

graphite, 2014

Evening Stroll

24X36 oil SOLD

Smooth Cruisin'

46" circle oil

Keeping Watch, I've got Your Back.

36x24" oil SOLD

Flying through the Garden

18x24" oil SOLD

Family Ties

48x36" oil SOLD

Beautiful Rivalry: D & R

8x12 oil


15.5" circle SOLD

Surrounding Portals

24x48" oil SOLD


26 circle

13th Story Garden

18x24" oil commission

River Life

20x10 oil


9x12" oil SOLD


24x18" oil

The Sky's Secrets Passagways

16x20" oil SOLD

History's Strength

30x40 oil SOLD

Three Little Majesties

30x40" oil SOLD


20" oil

Bubbles 'n' Feathers

12x12" oil SOLD

Walking on Water

16x20" oil SOLD

Saint at Rest

18x24 oil SOLD

Three Angels

42x42" oil SOLD

Carriers of Light

18x24" oil

Little Bridge Builders

48x96" oil SOLD


30x30" oil SOLD

Paths of Redemption

30x55" oil

Burst of Sunshine

36" oil

Stairway to Heaven

20x40 oil Making Her Mark, Women's Invitational.

The Fissured Sky

16x20 oil/panel SOLD


48x72" oil SOLD

Two Graces

30x30 oil SOLD

From the Garden

20x20" oil SOLD

Mind the Gap

24x24" oil SOLD

Bravery Leads the Way

36x72" oil SOLD

Pillars of Light

36x48" oil SOLD

SOLD: Star Keepers

30x40" oil

Suitors & Soulmates

30x30" oil, 2015 SOLD

Rising Again

20" oil

Lilliputian Wings

36" oil

SOLD: Night Games

18x24" oil

Layers of Sky

7x17.5 oil

Wild Feet

29x33 oil/panel SOLD

Bones & Earth

7x21 oil/panel

By Night & Day

7x21 oil/panel

High Life

10x12 oil

NFS: Journeying Souls

36x55" oil

Flight Study

16x16" oil. 2015 SOLD

Home Bound

24x48" oil SOLD

Three Wishes

24x30 oil, 2015 SOLD

Earth Angel

7x21 oil

Once a Saint, Always a Saint_24x24_$1750

24x24" oil SOLD

Flight Burst

42x42" oil SOLD


18x24" oil SOLD

Rocky Mountain Hive

36" oil/panel


18x24" oil SOLD

Off Grid Living

48x48" oil SOLD

The Travelling Circus

48x48" oil SOLD

SOLD: Untraveled Trails 2016

33" round panel, oil.

The Expanses Beyond

36x48" oil/panel SOLD

Three Mighty Sentinels

36x36" oil SOLD

(Glorious) Wanderer

48x48' oil SOLD

SOLD: Above the Brambles

18x18" oil/panel SOLD, 2015

Little Lights

18x24" oil

SOLD: Companions

24x16" oil 2015

One Grace_24x24_1500
Jewels of the Sky

16x20" oil

SOLD: Apidae Sprites

18x42" oil

SOLD: Pierced Veil

24x24" oil

Soaring Companions

18x36" oil/panel


21x21 mixed, 2014 Springville Museum of Art, Religious & Spiritual Show 2015

Mountain Roots

30x30" oil/panel

Sainted Bird

16x16" oil/panel SOLD: 2015

Solo Flight

16x16" mixed, 2015

Journey of the Monarchy

42x48" oil

SOLD: To Rise Again

48" oil/panel

SOLD: Kings’ Circle

36x36" oil/panel


78x36" oil/panel

Golden Workers

33" circle, oil

Single Passenger

12x12" oil

Flight School

24x24" oil

Connect 4

18x24" oil SOLD

Escape Artist

16x16" oil

Freedom Flyers

54x84" oil

New Life

30x30" oil

Joyful Reunion I

48x36 oil 2016

Quiet Shadows

30x40" oil

Good Company

36x55" oil

little Lights

18x24" oil

SOLD: Bees at Dusk

16x16 oil.

SOLD: Guarding Wings, Rolling Stone

33" circle, oil

SOLD: Family Circles ii

SOLD: 30x40" oil

SOLD: Barn Owl

24x24" oil.

Constructing Grace..
SOLD: Mountain Blessed

48x36" oil/panel Meyer Gallery, Park City, Utah

SOLD: Family Circles

36x55" oil/panel

SOLD: Trailing-Clouds-Of-Glory
SOLD: Still


SOLD: Bumbling Caboose

16x16" oil.

Evening Messenger


Scarlet Workers

24" round panel, oil

SOLD: Outdoor Crossing

42x60" oil

SOLD: Binding Acts

48x24" oil

SOLD: The Mini Wing Parade

24x48" oil

SOLD:Delicate Connections


SOLD: Portal
SOLD: Rising Star


SOLD__ www.meyergallery.jpg
SOLD: By Small & Simple Things

36x36" oil/panel

SOLD: 'What Binds us Together'




SOLD: Glorious

12x12 oil/panel


12x12" oil/panel

Hummingbird study

12x12" oil

SOLD: Elevated Conversations

24x20 oil/panel

SOLD: Tomtit Study

8x8" oil

SOLD: Great Rewards

12x12" oil

Flight Study

12x12" oil

SOLD: Through Parting Waters

36x48" oil/panel

Beginnings & Beginners

16x16" oil/panel

SOLD: Life of a Mountain King

20x16" oil

Bucks Swan

SOLD: 14x11"oil.

In Search for Sweetness

24x24" oil

SOLD: Two Graces

20x20" oil/panel

Young Apprentice

36x36" oil/panel SOLD Feb 2016


18x24" oil/panel SOLD

Quiet Time

10x10" oil/panel SOLD

Might, Mind & Strength

42x42" oil SOLD

Small Glory, Nov 2015

16x16" oil/panel

'The Woodsman'

8x8" oil/panel

Set Apart

24x36" oil/panel

'Wilderness Offering'

16x16" oil/panel

A Pause in the Pendulum

12x12" oil/panel SOLD

'The Guardians Among Us'


SOLD: 2 Graces

Commission. 48x48" oil/panel Jan 2016

SOLD: Pilgrimage

48x36" oil/panel 2016

SOLD: Heir to the Throne

8x8' oil

'Deep Blue no. 5'

8x8" oil/panel

Sainted Bird ii

16x16" oil 2015

panel 48x60__The stronger colours have a much richer feeling now the top has been softened down.jpg
Valley Study

12x12" oil/pane; SOLD

Paths of Redemption

36x36" oil/panel 2015

Artful Aquatics

36x48" oil/panel SOLD, 2015

SOLD: Keepers of Light

52x36" oil

Exalted Passages

24'x36" oil/panel, SOLD 2015

SOLD: Night Watch

20x20" oil

SOLD: Ahoy There

10x10" oil/panel

Fist Winter Snow

12x12" oil/panel

To Walk on Water

12x12" oil/panel

Secrets Among Saints _24x48_
Westward Bound

16x24" oil/panel

SOLD_ Mountain Buzz
#saintedbeasts study

charcoal 2015

Capturing Reverence

48x24" oil.

36x48' oil/panel SOLD 2015

The Traveling Circus

48x48" oil

#saintedbirds study

graphite 2014

#saintedbirds study

graphite 2014

#saintedbirds study


SOLD: Spheres of Tranquility

46"circle, oil

11 Tweeting About the 12th

36x36" oil, 2013 SOLD. Religious & Spiritual Show, Springville Museum of Art

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