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Born outside of London, England, Jenna gains inspiration from her European roots, places she’s lived, travelled, as well as her current surroundings in Utah’s Rocky Mountains.


Her work often draws on one meaning of her name, “Little Bird,” and is inspired by man’s connection and stewardship of the earth. Curious that the Creation story is emphasized numerous times inter faith, Jenna enjoys translating the idea of creatures--birds particularly-- as ethereal messengers bridging the gap between heaven and Earth (* Krakens interview). Incorporating patterns, designs, transitional light to dark with subjects found the Creation story is a way Jenna symbolically connects to nature, as seen in her #saintedbirds, #saintedbeasts and #saintedbugs series. Her goal is to capture the story and soul of her subjects-- harmony between human and natural beauty. 

Like our lives often seem to be, hummingbirds, too, are fast paced and there is something beautiful in trying to seize their stillness & unique colorful qualities--moments we often take for granted or miss within our own interactions with others. 


"This series has definitely sparked an internal study of myself. I liked the idea that birds can go places most humans cannot, or at least look down on a place/situation with a different perspective–which I have to keep working on. It’s as if they bridge the gap between heaven and earth…"


"The lines with the earthy tones in the lower portions of my abstracts reference landscapes–and in a broader sense our connection to the Earth. Above, more open areas can represent the sky… Like the earth, our lives are made up of distinct layers–experiences, choices, memories, etc. The rest of the space I try to leave open to thoughts of change, growth or opportunities, and ideas that we are only a portal or passageway away from another realm or place, be it a more positive place in our lives, or from Heaven. Like my bird series, these also are about bridging a gap." The Krakens Magazine, 2015.


After spending a semester studying abroad in Italy (BYU/Santa Reparata School of Art) and participating in a group show in New Zealand, Jenna graduated from Brigham Young University with a BFA (2006). She has since participated in numerous shows throughout Utah and the US. 


REPRESENTATION: (Original oil paintings only).


Meyer Gallery, Park City, Utah--


Gallery Wild, Jackson Hole, WY--

Gallery Wild, Santa Fe, NM--

Cole Gallery, Edmonds WA--

15th Street Gallery, SLC, Utah--


Springville Museum of Art, Springville Ut.


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